What happens with my data?

First off, what you submit is your data. We don't own it. You can request it be destroyed any time. All we are is a conduit to make sure people are heard. On top of that, here is a full rundown of what happens with your data:

  • 100% optional fields (only share what you feel comfortable with)
  • GDPR-compliant policy with transfer and “owning your data”, submittors can request removal of their data at any time
  • Identifiable information fields (name and contact info) will only ever be shared with the Governor and the COVID-19 task force. The data is shared with a confidential header that the task force must not share or distribute identifiable information.
  • We need manual approval of data to filter out dummy submissions (as it is a publicly open page); but the creator (Nick) will be the only individual to ever have access to data.
  • After we’ve informed the task force, we wipe identifiable data from our servers. Within 30 days of submission, attributes that identify people (name, email, phone, etc) will be overwritten on our servers eliminating future compromise risk.

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